MInistry of Defence apologises after accidentally issuing a warning of incoming visit from Donald Trump

The Ministry of Defence was in an apologetic mood today after accidentally warning of an incoming visit from Donald Trump.

“He’s an unguided missile,” a spokesman for the MoD explained, “even before he was inaugurated we were setting up an early warning system. Just in case.

It was based on the premise that a weak and clueless prime minister would rush to embrace the orange monster, driven to by an isolationist political agenda, fuelled in part by xenophobia and a lot of ignorance, so it was clear holding hands with Trump would be on the agenda. He’s the perfect moral match.”

It seems the alert, accidentally issued via a megaphone gaffer taped to the top of an armoured personnel carrier, had the people living in the village of Bumbleberry-on-Sty freaked out.

“It was only a test of the system. The volume was supposed to be set to one on the dial, not all the way to eleven.

We’re very sorry for any alarmed caused. Although that’s what alarms are supposed to cause, of course.”

The one compensation of the alarming mishap is that it has proved the system does work, even if it interrupted the lock in session at Bumbleberry’s only pub.

“We were tempted to run the live test in central London, as it’s thought necessary to prepare the population of the capital for the sight of APC’s on the streets once the Brexit riots begin. It’s a good thing we didn’t.

We’re not sure Thames Water is ready for how Londoners would have reacted had they been informed, while a majority of the population was drunk, of the threat on an immediate incoming, unguided missile.”

”It’s good to have an early warning system to alert people to any incoming visit from this POTUS,” LCD’s defence analyst said, “We won’t get any extended warning as he’s too scared of people turning out in their millions to tell him to bugger off. I suspect the Queen is very glad she’ll get at least a few minutes warning that it’s finally time to abdicate!”

Testing of the system continues. If you hear the alarm broadcast you are advised to go outdoors and be ready to peacefully, democratically, quietly protest.

So, so quietly, as quiet as a mouse.


Fire And Fury will be serialised on Twitter for the benefit of Donald Trump

The scandalous story of the first year of Trump’s presidency is to be split into bite size chunks. Each episode will be condensed into 280 easily understood characters. This is believed to be for the benefit of the President himself.

Whoever is in charge of the White House press office this week will be in charge of dumbing down Michael Wolff’s prose. Their brief, allegedly, is to mimic Trump’s own simplistic literary style.

The White House has denied this. “There is no need to talk down to Donald Trump!” the man himself tweeted. “I am, like, really smart.”

When not sounding like a teenage girl chewing gum, Trump has been demanding, petulantly, that the book be suppressed. “This book enlittles the bigliest President of all time!” he tweeted. “One word: FAKE NEWS!”

A grand book burning event has been planned. This pleases the mighty intellect of the President. Rumours that the KKK has been appointed to carry this out have been denied. Fire And Fury will go up in flames.

The Trump administration has called for a day of celebration to commemorate the burning of Fire And Fury. “The slimy limey Brits celebrate a failed assault on their government,” said a spokesman. “So will we.”

The proposed day for celebration is publication day. “Our top poet is on the case. He has got as far as, Remember remember the fifth of January. The rest of the poem will be released as soon as we have discovered a word that rhymes with January.”

Opponents are hoping that the Twitter serialisation will keep Trump busy. One revelation in Fire And Fury is that Trump tweets during his hourly comfort breaks. They expect him to be too busy firing off incoherent rebuttals to ever get off his throne.

Trumps at both ends, then. Hell hath no Fire And Fury like a President scorned.