Donald Trump to build a wall to stop climate change and make Greta Thunberg pay for it

SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TO COMPLEX PROBLEMS : World famous climate scientist, presidential hobbyist and aspiring golfer, Donald Trump, has stunned Davos.

“Everyone already knows Mr Trump has a mind like a taser, not that you’d know from how he carries himself, just from the unexpectedly shocking things he says,” our Davos insider comments, “he’s not one to blow his own trumpet. Although I think he could if he took up yoga. He’s such a natural athlete.”

But Mr Trump’s athleticism is not what’s causing the stir.

“It’s climate change,” our Davos correspondent goes on, “he’s hit on a simple solution that will solve it. This has been appreciated by the other world leaders, megalomaniacs and billionaires who were too busty scratching their heads over what happened to the Paris Accord to do it.”

And the solution itself is not a new one, for humans faced with certain threat. But it has taken a genius to apply it to climate.

“At first Mr Trump thought about threatening Climate Change with nuclear war over Twitter. He discarded that as too explosive. Then he thought about doing a deal with it to get it to change back. But while combing his crazed hair with his tiny hands he remembered climate change caused that. So he didn’t want to be in the same room as it. It was then he had the lightbulb moment.”

What is it?

“It’s a fairly standard way of lighting interiors since the late 19th century. I would have thought you’d have heard of it.”

No. Not light bulbs. Trump’s solution to climate change?

Oh, he’s going to build a wall to stop it and get Greta Thunberg to pay for it.”

Donald Trump fails to notice his pet goldfish died of neglect after White House staff replace with similar one

CLOSE CALL : THE WHITE HOUSE was almost in nuclear level meltdown this week after US President Donald Trump’s pet Goldfish (called ‘Just the greatest gold fish, you’ve never seen a gold fish so gold, not many people know this, but this is the goldest goldfish’, or ‘Fish’ for short) died.

The fish itself is believed to have been a gift from a well wisher for one of Donald Trump’s children, but he liked it so much he kept it for himself. In an oval fish tank, on his desk, a tank with no corners.

“While the rumour regarding Fish’s origins is well known, it’s not true,” a White House warden told LCD Views, on the condition of anonymity, “he was bought the fish by FLOTUS Melania after her therapist recommended it. The thinking being that if Mr Trump could learn to care for a gold fish, he might learn to care for bigger things? A pretty dodgy line of thinking, if you ask me. It’s unlikely he has the mental age for such a serious responsibility.”

However, the timely replacement of Fish is thought to have had global implications, with staff racing to the nearest aquarium shop while Mr Trump was distracted by golf. Oh, and the Iran crisis. He was definitely paying attention to that too. He wasn’t eating a cheeseburger in the toilet the whole time, ranting on Twitter.

“Mr Trump would probably have launched an air strike against whatever rogue state he decided assass…asshat..assassineted…killed Fish. But with Fish 2nd in the oval bowl catastrophe was averted.”

But how come the staff were able to fool a man who describes his own brain as the greatest brain?

“Fish 2nd looks almost exactly the same as Fish 1st, I don’t think he’s sat still long enough to notice any difference. Although there was a tense moment when Fist 1st was flushed down the Oval Office toilet, in case Mr Trump walked in and noticed.”

US Congress to limit Trump’s bombing powers to targeting places whose names he can spell

SHORT LIST OF HARD TARGETS JUST GOT SHORTER : THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS is to take a determined step this week to prevent another mad conflagration beginning in the Middle East.

The move is in reaction to the threats by tantrum thrower in chief, Donald ‘dummy’ Trump, to blow up the cultural heritage of EyeRan, I Run, Eran? Or however the hell you spell it.

The motivation for the belligerence is obvious. He’s on trial in the Senate.

“It’s funny when you think about it,” a White House insider told LCD Views, “just a couple of years ago a murderous religious sect, IS, was tearing about the Middle East blowing up precious, irreplaceable archaeology and we were all justifiably horrified. And now today? The actual President of the United States is threatening to do the same over Twitter! And there’s no question of removing him from his post over it? Mad times. Just batshit. I guess this is what you get when you elect a man to the highest office who’s on tape boasting about sexual assault. Well done America. Really setting the standard.”

How the Senate will move to protect the world’s cultural heritage is obvious.

“They’re aiming to pass a new law limiting the powers of the Commander in Chief to start wars, or even just attack places. Simple when you think about it. Give Donnie Drumpf a test so hard he can’t pass it.”

And what form will the test take?

“Oh, they’re going to make it illegal for Trump to order an attack on anywhere he can’t spell. This will limit his range of targets to buildings with the name ‘Trump’ on them. But they won’t be on the list either, because no one anywhere is mad enough to consider them cultural heritage.”

Downing Street – Johnson agrees 2020 holiday schedule in line with Trump’s bombing plans

GROUND TO ZERO : THE BRITISH PUBLIC is taking a deep breath today after confirmation from a reliable Downing Street ‘source’ that Boris Johnson’s people have agreed his 2020 holiday schedule.

“It’s a result of high level discussions between the UK and USA governments,” the source misinforms, “Mr Johnson was a bit flabbergasted to be midway through an expensive island holiday when Drumpf only went and blew up that Iranian guy. He didn’t even talk to Boris about it first. Pretty extraordinary stuff.”

It’s believed the discussions focused on how to avoid a similar PR disaster for 10 Downing Street next time.

“It’s bloody obvious people are going to need to be blown up all through 2020,” the source continues, “it’s not just the need to deflect attention away from Trump’s impeachment trial, but he needs to get re-elected if the moral voids fronting for sociopathic business in the House of Reps acquit him. He needs a lot of explosions that he will definitely look back on. Real man or not.”

From Downing Street’s point of view it is preferable that Mr Johnson isn’t midway through a holiday when the drones strike.

“It’s a messy PR situation,” the source grimaced, “if he was at the start of the holiday everyone could see it’s only fair that Mr Johnson be allowed to complete it. I mean he’s only just got there with his damn fine filly. You can hardly expect them to turn right back around and come home. But midway through? Will travel insurance even cover the cost? I mean, Trump has declared himself God. So it’s an act of God, right? Some might even suggest Boris and Carrie should enjoy the rest of their weekend and get on a plane, after all they’ve been away for weeks. So best to get schedules aligned.”

But others have suggested that as Trump is going to be trigger happy all year that Mr Johnson should holiday in Florida. More specifically at Mar-a-Lago, as it’s likely a responsible statesman like Trump will give the orders to blow people up while golfing.

Boris Johnson to spend rest of holiday on Mustique hiding in a fridge

GET WAR DONE : Boris Johnson is reported to be absolutely livid with his boss Donald Trump. The anger occurred after hearing the news of Trump’s lethal drone strike against a very busy Iranian general few had heard of, until Trump ordered him blown up.

“It was good enough for Clinton to blow something up during impeachment proceedings, it’s good enough for Trump,” a Downing Street ‘source’ told LCD Views,

“the choice of target is obvious. Clinton was allegedly only trying to deflect attention away from a blowjob, so he went small in scale, if not in unintentional impact. Trump is trying to distract from an accusation of criminality on a massive scale. He went really big. Potentially WW3 big. Which is something we can all be thankful for. Imagine if America had decided having a racist, sex offending sociopath, clearly off his fucking rocker, as president was just a bad idea, and had gotten rid of him by now?”

We can imagine.

“We’re completely baffled though why Trump didn’t tell us he was going to do it? I thought we were bigly friends? Just the greatest friends. You’ve never seen friends so bigly,” the source added,

“and let me tell you folks, the UK under Johnson is really important to Donald Trump. He must have been too busy at the time. It’s the only reason I can think of for him not telling us first. We’re so close. Real bosom buddies,

“and given the way his attack puts the lives of hundreds of British personnel in danger, there’s no way he wouldn’t tell us first without a good reason. Because it’s not like he doesn’t give a shit and we’re daft to be cutting ourselves adrift from the EU and allying ourselves closely with a cheeto faced buffoon who will happily use us as sacrificial pawns as his insane regime crumbles into murderous insanity.”

But the air of confusion over the attack is rumoured to extend to the Foreign Office too.

Foreign Secretary, Dominic ‘the navigator’ Raab, is said to be completely flummoxed. He’s only just realised ‘Iran’ is more than a way to describe moving between two geographically different locations at speed, and on foot.”

But how will Mr Johnson react to the attack, its ramifications for British personnel and interests in the Middle East?

“He’s going to hide in a fridge,” the source shrugged, “standard protocol for a bully sensing danger. He’s advising British interests in the Middle East to do the same. Get hiding in a walk in done. There’s no situation which a game of hide and seek won’t solve. And he’s taking both Mustique and that other girl Carrie? They’re going to hide with him. He’ll find a way to pass the time until the mushroom clouds blow over.”

Donald Trump offers to stop Australia burning by nuking it

The East coast of Australia is on fire, and there seems to be no end to the devastation. But help is at hand. Climate change expert and top meteorologist Donald Trump has offered to help by nuking the fires.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Austria,” Trump tweeted erroneously. “But be assured, America’s unclear capabilities are ready and waiting to come to your aid.”

It is well known that nukes can eliminate hurricanes, but forest fires? It would be like, well, fighting fire with fire, claimed inferno expert Chuck Waters.

“I hardly need to be an expert to tell you that Trump is, once again, talking bollocks,” said an exasperated Waters. “I’m afraid it’s that redneck attitude, that guns solve everything, isn’t it? Except that the President has biglier and betterer guns than everybody else.”

The counter from the President’s private restroom was immediate. “Donald Trump has seven degrees in meteriol… metroligery… weather,” he retorted. “This is a unclear WITCH HUNT by the wicked Dems! Trump knows best! But the Dems don’t care about the burning Austrians! Sad!”

Mystified Austrians have been reported as looking out at the snow-covered Alps, and wondering why Donald Trump was threatening to nuke them.

Meanwhile, the Australian government was too busy blaming the EU for the fires to respond to Trump.

Trump, having got into his stride, continued to troll the world with his disintegrating sense of reality. “The Austrians should have raked up their leaves,” he tweeted. “Falling leaves makes a forest fire much much worser, FACT!”

So would he concentrate his nuclear arsenal on the raked forests only?

“There are good fires and bad fires on both sides,” he replied enigmatically. “But as it’s Christmas I will nuke them all. Make Austria great again!”

The dreadful catastrophe may well be a harbinger of things to come worldwide, but with Donald Trump offering to nuke our problems, we can all sleep that little bit easier.

‪A New Hope – US falls behind UK in Global Idiocy Table as Trump impeached‬

BIG GITS : The UK is celebrating being a modern winner today after news overnight (GMT – the only time that counts) that the country has resumed its now natural home at the top of the Global Idiocy Table.

“It’s a mixed blessing if I’m honest,” a Downing Street source commented, “well, I’m never honest, but you know what I mean. While it’s wonderful to be No. 1 in any international ranking, especially as we became the first official Idiocracy on the 24th June 2016, before the US Trumped us, there’s a concern it may not last very long.”

The concern centres on the likelihood that too many Republicans in the Senate will not allow the impeachment to succeed?

“Well there’s that. But there’s also Australia.”

What’s Australia got to do with anything? Are the Ashes on already? They’ve only just finished.

“No. It’s not cricket. But it does concern ashes.”

Nothing much is cricket at the moment. But what’s the ashes got to do with anything?

“It’s because Australia is in some sort of megablaze bushfire nightmare having re-elected a conservative government that doesn’t even know what climate is, let alone deny it. Plucky outsider that may seize the number one spot. Bloody Australians. Still so angry over all those convict jokes. Can’t they just let us have this without having to challenge it too?”

I think we’ll be okay. At least as far as heading up the Global Idiocy Table. Boris Johnson’s government is today going to promise to do everything in a mad fffing rush so it all goes tits up.

“And the Republicans are likely to vote to approve children in cages and keep Trump in office.”

That’s what we said.

“At least it shows I’m listening. And besides, even if they do remove Trump then we’ve got rapture Pence. He’ll probably kill us all.”

You realise this page is supposed to cheer people up?

“What? No one ever told me that.”


“That means I’m a winner, right?”

Aren’t we all now? Australia better get itself a big, blonde boofhead as PM if they really want to compete.

‪Donald Trump confirmed as Conservative Party candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in GE‬

TOOTS FROM THE TRUMPET’S TRUMPET : CCHQ has confirmed, following an imaginary FOI request by LCD Views, that Donald Trump will stand for election in the seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip in the December 12th general erection, sponsored by Viagra.

“Mr Trump has been asked by meat puppet Boris Johnson to stand as the candidate by Boris Johnson personally,” a CCHQ source told LCD Views, “and also by Boris Johnson. There are so many Boris Johnson’s, we thought it only fitting they all ask Mr Trump to stand. Mr Johnson will be standing in the newly created constituency of Fumble-on-Lyre, which as a preloaded Tory majority of 100,000, most of whom have been dead since the 19th century.”

Quite what the electors of Uxbridge and South Ruislip will make of the selection of Drumpf isn’t clear, but following in the best, modern traditions of the editorially compromised BBC, we have found the one person in the area batshit crazy enough to enthusiastically support the candidacy. We will present them as representative of all.

“It will help make Britain Great Again!” Ralf Woofer declared, “Donnie is a natural born leader. In the style of a Don. He will MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN AND PROTECT THE NHS FROM PRIVATISATION BY THE CHINESE BY SELLING IT TO THE AMERICANS.”

As Mr Woofer is unable to talk for long without shouting, we cut the interview as short as Francois and will proceed to widely speculate.

“The selection of Mr Trump will keep both Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan happy,” our chief political editor suspects, “they will find it easier to timeshare in his rear if he is actually in the UK.”

Other sources have also had a guess as to why this is being done.

“It’s part of a deal between Johnson and Trump,” a small blue ringed octopus asserted, and why not.

“Trump gets a legitimate reason to be in the UK during his impeachment proceedings and Boris Johnson gets to hang out with another deluded, privileged rich boy. They can do no work of actual governance together while a coterie of moral degenerates run the country. It’s a perfect arrangement.”

Whether or not Mr Trump can legally stand as the parliamentary candidate doesn’t matter, because in modern Tory Britain laws are only for poor people.

Donald Trump demands his impeachment trial takes place in Russia

FAIR HEARING : World Leader Donald Trump has drawn a Kremlin red line today regarding his impending impeachment.

Taking to Twitter to start his day, as is standard, be he in the Oval Office on the potty, a golf course or making a catastrophic strategic and humanitarian blunder by effectively freeing ISIS and green lighting the slaughter of civilians in Syria, it always involves Twitter.

Initially he tweeted about historical matters regarding the Salem Witch trials, and the associated merchandising opportunities, but he soon got personal.

“Russia! I will stand trial in Russia. If Im Peach and Mint think they can prove I comitteed o fences they have to do it in a neutered court. I want a fare heading. President Putin will ensure I get a good trial. Just the greatest trial. And best of all, it won’t be by fire. That way everyone will stay SAFE.”

But critics have expressed alarm at the demand.

“If he’s found guilty he won’t be happy, even in Russia,” LCD Views’ Whitehouse correspondent said, “the prison terms there tend to be very harsh and confiscating of personal wealth is standard. Also, he’s getting on, I’m not sure he’s up to hard labour in a Siberian prison camp? Surely it would be better that he’s tried at home? He may even be able to cut a plea deal and protect those he cares about most?”

Others however say it’s best he is tried in the home territory of his alleged backers, as they have better access to any information that maybe relevant to the prosecution. Also, there’s no loss of personal wealth to worry about as his money is allegedly not his own anyway.

POOTUS himself seemed to find a silver lining in the building drama though.

“The RATINGS WILL BE ASSTROONOMICAL. Just the greatest TV of ALL TIME. Better TV ratings even than SALE M! USA! USA! OJ and other fruit juices have nothing on me. And they’res NO GlOve to where! MAGA!”

At least he’s right about that. Regardless of where his impeachment trial takes place, the ratings are going to be massive.

People are mocking Donald Trump for tweeting about impeachment

WOULD YOU LIKE PEACH, MINT OR BOTH TOGETHER : President Donald Trump is said to be so furious he’s gone to the toilet after people on Twitter mocked him for his misunderstanding over impeachment.

Taking a moment’s break from denying there is anything improper in his dealings with Ukraine, the under fire POTUS tweeted about the beginning of impeachment proceedings directly.

But the strong tweet backfired quickly as Twitter users realised he thought impeachment referred to someone going about saying they were “I’m Peach Mint” and making direct threats at the greatest President America has seen since sometime in January 2017.

And the follow up tweet didn’t improve things for Donnie.

Not only did the second tweet bring more inbound mockery, but people began to question his sanity, in spite of being fully aware of what a great brain Donald Trump has.

How the tweets will impact on his impeachment hearings isn’t clear, although as no ice creams of any flavour are expected to be called to testify before either the House of Representatives or the Senate, it’s believed it won’t unduly impact on the hearings.

None the less, White House sources are said to be leaking details of a new presidential order banning ice cream of all kinds from the White House grounds. Also any golf courses the president may spend time on.

“He’s actually thinking of banning ice cream entering the United States altogether,” one source revealed, “just until he can work out what the hell is going on. So the ban maybe permanent. Or last until he’s dragged squealing and bawling out of office like the overgrown man-baby he is.”