Downing Street leak reveals identity of Boris Johnson’s financial planner

MONEY MONEY MONEY IT’S SO FUNNY : Breaking news this morning after a leak from Downing Street allegedly reveals Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s financial planner.

Questions over whether or not the prime minister had taken any advice on managing his money have been whispered in recent days. This is because he is apparently unable to make ends meet in spite of having virtually all living costs met for him.

“You would assume he would have someone astute and rational advise him, given the hundreds of thousands of pounds he earns yearly. The bungs, kickbacks and other off book income would also need careful managing. It’s no surprise he has a financial planner.”

The revealing of the expert behind Mr Johnson’s money woes does at least make it “all make sense now”.

“The big concern is not Mr Johnson ending up without a roof over his head. The public will make sure he always has a home, either a grace and favour residence or a big house. The worry is more what other advice he’s been following. There’s a distinct possibility his financial guru will have strayed into areas of governance. While not strictly professional it does also make sense of the appalling state of the Johnson government. The lies, racism, corruption and complete disregard for checks and balances. Straight out of the Trump playbook.”

Whether or not the PM will continue to take the advice of serial ethically bankrupt pretend billionaire Donald Trump now the secret is out is anyone’s guess.

“Most expect Mr Johnson to double down now and replace Rishi Sunak with Mr Trump as Chancellor. This will not only distract from who paid for the No 11 flat refurbishment but allow Mr Trump a ready source of income to met his mounting legal costs.”

It’s likely also that Mr Johnson will adopt Trump’s slogan and run on an agenda of “Make Britain Great Again!” at the next election.

“Someone is going to have to. When you consider the low state Mr Johnson is bringing to the country to.”

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