Downing Street : removal vans arrive as British PM moves office today to disused toilet in White House

CLOSE TO THE SEAT OF POWER : THE LAST PRIME MINISTER OF THE UK, BORIS ‘de PRATTLE’ JOHNSON is reported to be not too happy at being woken early today as removal vans arrived at 10 Downing Street to begin the process of transferring the UK’s sovereignty to the White House.

The process is expected to be completed by 11pm this evening, although there’s said to be some hitches already.

“That’s because the EU and China are taking possession of the family china and silverware during the move, only the EU wants to store their share in a storage facility until the 1st of January next year,” a Downing Street source said, “but for now the guts of the place are being shipped to the White House. Once there the yanks will keep the bits they want and sell the rest off to the highest bidder, who’ll probably end up being China. It’s a funny old world, once you start messing about with sovirintee.”

How Mr Johnson will feel settling in behind his desk in a much smaller room isn’t clear, although the source is prepared to guess.

“It’s not a desk now, that’s being taking to Japan, except the collection of toy cars that sat on it, they’ll be gifted to various EU27 states by the Japanese,” the source shrugged, “Boris will be put inside a grubby bit of porcelain and allowed up to breathe now and then, when Trump isn’t on top blowing trumpets. This is a moment of national renewal.”

To be honest, it sounds like a crap deal?

“It is, but take solace in knowing that Boris will eventually have to swallow all of it.”

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