Driving to Durham and dancing to Abba are covid symptoms, says government

In a crucial breakthrough, the government has revealed further symptoms of covid-19. Travelling to northern cities and enjoying cheesy 70s music are now considered to be diagnostic.

It seems that the crippling nature of the disease has been overstated. A totally reliable Downing Street source, completely unconnected to top scientist Professor Dominic Cummings, has confirmed that sufferers can drive over 200 miles with no ill effects. Furthermore, dancing, although embarrassing if caught on video, is a harmless side effect. Indeed it is believed to be efficacious, particularly if done to the music of Abba.

It also gives you renewed strength for the long drive back again.

It is certainly a more likely story than the rumours that covid-19 is a deadly fatal disease. 

So, all in all, it is very strange that so many people claim to have died from it.

Some people, who are probably subversives working against the government, have claimed that the whole affair is a cover story for Classic Dom taking a cheeky vacation. Number Ten denies that anything happened at all, so that is the end of it.

Meanwhile, The Science has been updated overnight. New guidelines have been issued, which recommend that anyone feeling like going for a long drive, or dancing to music, should take 14 days’ holiday, sorry, quarantine, in a location of their choice immediately.

The knock on effect at sunny beaches on the south coast has been immediate. Indeed, many holidaymakers, sorry, sufferers, anticipated the change in official guidance and headed for the seaside last week.

Incomers have been advised to create their own socially distanced space on the beach. Unfortunately most people have disregarded this advice, since it was only advisory and nobody takes any notice of advisory advice if they don’t want to. Personal freedom is important, but a line in the sand has been crossed. Many times.

We’re all going on a summer holiday with Dom the Dancing Queen.

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