EU unfair over 2023 claim people threatening to turn UK into country of EU deportation before 2023

The EU is facing stiff and valid criticism from people across the political spectrum with unbiased opinions after its decision to disallow UK cities to compete to be the EU capital of culture in 2023.

“It just shows how vicious and spiteful the EU really is,” claimed a blowhard knuckle dragger who is allowed a radio talk show because it’s good for ratings and let’s everyone hear the national barometer of hate each day.

“Just because our wise and generous government in Westminster is refusing to say what class of second class citizens EU nationals will be from March 2019, there’s absolutely no reason to disallow good patriotic British cities to compete to be the European capital of culture in 2023.”

A fair rebuke to the unelected technocrats in undemocratic Brussels who will be beholden to every single national parliament in twenty seven different countries and their regions before agreeing whatever trade deal Downing Street plucks out of a hat to satisfy offshore tax haven lovers, while trying its damndest to avoid a meaningful vote in the U.K. parliament.

LCD Views agrees with the angst of the cities that were bidding to gain the crown, but sees them as hostages to a fortune decreed from Downing Street and ill intentioned foreign actors.

“And let me make this absolutely clear, even, even if the UK is pursuing an agenda symbolised by a man full of hate standing in front of a billboard that mirrored Nazi propaganda on the day Jo Cox was butchered in the street by a far right terrorist, it’s completely unreasonable to not let a U.K. city compete.”

The little matter that our own prime minister is using EU nationals as bargaining chips and is routinely hinting at their deportation wouldn’t have anything to do with the decision either…

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