Everyone in U.K. happy Boris Johnson got Brexit done so we could move on

THIS SKEWERED ISLE : A new survey of the U.K. population by NoGov, a polling organisation that keeps its finger on the pulse, has revealed the current U.K. attitudes to Brexit.

The most common response to “What is Brexit?” was that it’s “Got done”. The survey also revealed a total lack of understanding of what that means. Not that that matters, as it has never mattered.

And the survey also revealed a characteristically British understatement to the project.

“People think it’s best not to mention it in the presence of Continentals,” a NoGov staffer told LCD Views. “We don’t want to embarrass them, given the difficulties they are clearly having dealing with their new realities. We know the French will just be privately embarrassed to have lost out, especially now that they have to deal with the direct competition of English champagne in the market. The Spanish are distraught as we’re no longer around to help them have a country by filling it with retirees, many who only want to help them learn English. And don’t get me started on the Italians. Their governments are so unstable, their supposed strongmen just manchildren.”

There was also concern for the Dutch. “Where are they going to put all the money?” was a strong concern, as they are clearly surprised by all the business that used to clutter up London turning up in Amsterdam.

But the survey did have good news for Britain’s sovereign, Boris Johnson.

People are just happy he got Brexit done,” the staffer revealed. “Now we can talk about other things. Like our world beating approach to Covid-19.”

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