Famous CV-19 rule breakers to atone in public to encourage compliance

THE THREE AMOEBAS : Tangible benefits can be gained in public health crises by prominent individuals strictly adhering to the rules.

In Brexit Britain rules are for fools, which in part explains why the governing class are so terrible at following them. Rules have consequences. But consequences are only for the hoi polloi.

To make amends to what is now a mass deadly situation three of the most prominent CV-19 rule breakers are to atone for their sins in public.

Starting on Monday Dominic Cummings, Stanley Johnson and Cardinal Mogg will go on public display throughout England and apologise for the harm they’ve wrought on health messaging.

“Sometimes they will act as a trio and other times independently,” a member of the organising committee told LCD Views, “but at all times their message will be clear and concise.”

Cardinal Mogg is expected to kick off the campaign by dining on humble pie outside Traitor’s Gate at the Tower of London. The meal timed for low water so he doesn’t float away.

“Next up will be Stanley Johnson who will demonstrate how to wear a mask outside an underground station, much in the manner of an air stewardess before take off.”

When that is done he will go to the nearest supermarket and stand at the door to ensure customers entering are masked up, and not for a ball!

But the showstopper will be Dominic Cummings who will crawl from Islington to Barnard Castle in a hair shirt.

He will ask the public to forgive him, even as the blood trails behind his shredded knees,” the organiser says, “and pull at his hair and rend his chest. It’s not possible to atone for the damage he did to public health messaging, ably assisted by the PM, but he wants to try.”

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