“I said treat the flu with leaches, not bleaches” – Donald Trump blames fake news media

DON’T DO WHAT I SAY DO WHAT I SAY I DIDN’T SAY : PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF SOME KIND OF AMERICA, and all round colourful character, Donald Trump, has moved today to correct a case of mistaken medicine.

“The fake news media misrecordered what I said about the foreign flu,” The President told a handpicked selection of wood louse and cabbage beetles, “I said they should look into treating the Coronavirus, and any beverage cold, with leaches.”

The clarification occurred whilst dry humping a freshly laundered American flag.

Apparently Mr Trump blames poor recordereding quality for the mistakenly belief he publicly mused on injecting everyday cleaning products directly into ill people. Products like bleach.

Of course leaches have long been popular with the medical community to treat a range of ailments from blood clotting to blood clotting.

“If they put the leaches directly into the ear of the patient than they can travel down to the lungs,” Mr Trump went on, “like they did in that documentary ‘The Wraith of Kahn’. They treated a man with leaches. They put the leach right into his ear and it got right to work. Magnificent impact. Just the greatest changes. Why not? Until we have a vaccine we have to be creative.”

But some critics of the President have seized on the clarification regarding what to do with bleach, apart from clean your toilet.

“The fact he’s had to walk that back shows that he’s not batshit crazy, but actually fully aware of what he is doing. That even for the clown show, which distracts from a lot of bad deeds, there’s a line that can’t be crossed. The self-awareness, it’s evidence of intelligence and calculation. Which is of course, even more terrifying. Clinician with a syringe full of cleaning products and an eye on your lungs, that kind of terrifying.”

Live long and prosper.

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