Isle of Man says one man is an island

The Isle of Man has broken with tradition for islands today by declaring, in an exclusive interview with LCD Views’ geography correspondent, that one man can be an island.

“You hear it all the time, people talking to each other,” the self governing, crown dependency situated in the sea between England and Ireland said, “no man is an island. Well, I’m fed up with all that! I am a man and an island. All this talk about my famous tail less cats is nice, but what about mentioning my history and geography now and again?”

It’s long been rumoured, amongst keen observers, that the island does look like the belly of a fat man lying in the sea. Indeed, the International Isle of Man TT race is known to ride all over that belly annually.

“It’s been staring you all in the face for centuries,” the island added. “Even as Scotland and England fought over me for centuries. Go and read up about me on wikipedia. I’m really a very interesting fellow.”

So what does the Isle of Man hope to gain by speaking out at last?

“I’d like to see the cliche modified. I’m not an extremist. I’m not out to do away with idiomatic phrasing referring to my good person.

But from now on, when a person says to another, ‘I’m alright Jack’ and their friend replies ‘no man is an island’, well, I’d like the one trying to help to add the qualification, ‘except for the Isle of Man, clearly’.”

Easy enough then.

And for additional clarity we have received the following message from Jack,

“There wright. I’m okay.”

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