It’s time for Michael Gove to lead the United Kingdom

Plumbum – the Latin word for “lead”

Our mighty seafaring nation is at a crossroads, much as the freighter the Evergreen was for a crucial week in March. If we are to choose well which way to turn next, so as not to constantly hit our head, we need a visionary to lead us. One with a will of lead.

To choose who is right it needs a careful examination of the possible candidates to lead the coup against Mr Johnson.

It’s true the governing Conservative and Unionist Party is speckled like a glitter rolled coprolite with any number of worthy successors, now that Mr Johnson has served his purpose. But who to give your backing to when the long night dawns?

The editorial board at UnoTesticular/Facilitator can be your guide.

It first needs be asked who is most ready to assume the weighty pyrite coated mantel of governance? To answer this ask yourself who is missing currently from the stage? And what a busy stage it is!

The answer to your questions are of course Michael Gove. Who best to lead the coup but the one who is now sharpening the knives.

The people have had enough of experts, this has been apparent since the 23/06/16. But we say to you the people can never have enough of Michael Gove! If ever plumbum was made into a man it was into this man.

And if you have any minor concerns, you need only read the words of one of Mr Gove’s most famous ancestors, below.

I don’t know why everyone bangs on about the Ides of March constantly? You can knife your political opponents in the back whenever you feel the time is right.” – Goverious Goverium, Roman Provincial Governor, Britannia, 269 AD.

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