Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson offer to lead government of national unity

SECOND CHANCE SALOON : It’s clear governance of the United Kingdom is now at a parlous state and something must be done, happily help is at hand.

Rumours inside the Westminster bubble suggest that later this afternoon two old political rivals, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinsom, will hold a joint press conference with an offer too good to refuse.

“They’re going to offer to lead jointly a government of national unity,” a source inside the latest UK political coalition told LCD Views. “It’s believed they have reflected on the complete balls-up they both made in 2019 when they jointly scuppered the prospect of a GNU. They want to make amends.”

It is unclear who first proposed the power coupling, but leaks suggest that it was Mr Corbyn who reached out, as now that Brexit is done he is at something of a loose end.

“It’s neatly ignored how one of Mr Corbyn’s only attempts to push forward legislation during his forty years in the House of Commons was a proposal for an IN/OUT EUref early on in David Cameron’s time as PM. He did this working with other Lexit MPs and notable names on the Conservative benches. If you don’t like it, just look it up, it’s there in the parliamentary record.”

As to Ms Swinson, it’s believed she sees a chance to make amends too for what was an impressively hubristic and shortsighted time as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

It’s not obvious how the UK political landscape will respond to the offer, although it is obvious to all that had Mr Corbyn’s sense of entitlement and Ms Swinson’s political idiocy not joined in a disastrous alignment in 2019 to end the chances of a GNU the UK may well be in a much better place today.

“Corbyn must have known the Tories would never have supported him as PM of a GNU and to back a more unifying Labour MP for the job. Likewise Swinson should have called Corbyn’s bluff so he had to get out of the way. As it was, here we are today, writing this article to get a nagging sense of frustration out of our system.”

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