Leave voter suddenly recalls ref only advisory after learning Brexit will increase non-white immigration

LCD Views has seen a tweet tonight from a previously staunch Brexit supporter, Brexitius Brexitus, who wants everyone to remember the EU referendum was only advisory.

“eU REF not legal bind,” Brexitus thought to remind the United Kingdom, “hope democratically elected EU parsleymint doesn’t forget it.”

It seems the sudden total recall of a vital facet of the referendum held in 2016 and taken by Britain’s ruling coalition as word of God to decide the country’s fate forever, regardless of mild indications that it’s a bad idea, has been brought about by accidentally reading a newspaper not owned by a tax avoiding offshore billionaire.

“They want too swamp hour roads with there extra people,” Brexitius followed his first reminder, “they want to send postcards from OUR NHS. In…,,,extra change for Dr Fox’s radio shows!!!!?!”

The tweet was not greeted warmly by the account holder’s followers at first, but after a crayon meme was posted that explained how former COLONIES may expect easier visa entry requirements for Britain taking their money, the initial tweet was soon one of the highest trending posts by Brexitius of all time.

“UKIP have convened an emergency meeting,” LCD’s Nationalism ends in murder correspondent commented, “it’s believed this surprise potential of Brexit had not occurred to any of the largely ageing members. So too a majority of Leave supporters in the Conservatives. Nigel Farage is believed to be cutting short a date with a much younger European woman right now to attend.”

It’s believed fear of an extra non-white person gaining access to their town by virtue of a future non-EU free trade deal is potentially an unsolvable problem.

“If the traitor in Downing Street can’t guarantee we will only be kicking people out after 2019 and building British robots to pay for our pensions and wipe our butts in our long sunsets of old age, well, she’s liable to lose a lot of support to remain MPs.”

It’s not certain how much damage this revelation will do to the already waning support for Brexit, but for those that voted out for racist reasons it sure is a pretty pickle, one which their political opponents are liable to enjoy watching them stew in.

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