Man tasked with making a success of Brexit privately thinks it’s shit

BLAGATHON MARATHON : A man who applied to work at the highest levels on Brexit is said to privately think it’s a shit idea.

The individual concerned is said to be a middle aged, Russian taxpayer funded “blonde stud” whose private life would be a Daily Mail front page shame festival day in and out if he’d gone to a state school.

“He’s not really sure why he wanted to work on Brexit anymore,” an imagined fly on the wall told LCD Views, “he lays awake at night worrying over his supply of claret and will there be shortages in 2021? Then he starts to sweat and panic.”

How the individual concerned ever convinced himself it was a good idea to begin with is of course the subject of speculation by colleagues.

“Delusions of grandeur most likely,” a made up aide suggested, “the delusions are there to paper over the deep cracks of insecurity in his underlying psychological strata. But they’ve been stuck on so long he’s lost sight of that. And he was naturally born with the gift of the gab. He should have been a dodgy second hand car salesman. The spotlight has exposed his inadequacies.”

But what will he do about it now? Why doesn’t he just quit?

“He’s promised so much to so many to get the job he’s in a real bind now. But the first chance he gets he’s out of there. He disproves the Peter principle though. He kept rising well past his level of incompetence.”

What should he be working on?

“Sales. That’s all. But not the actual running of the corporation. He’s like a venture capital funded CEO of an aggressive digital start up whose sole talent is selling ideas to people, but who is clearly not suited to implementing complex business plans. Now he’s just going to lose everyone an awful amount of money.”

He should have stuck to sales?

“Yes. Of horseshit.”

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