Man’s favourite t-shirt passes sniff test for fourth consecutive day

A Milton Keyne man’s favourite t-shirt has passed the all important sniff test for a fourth consecutive day.

LCD Views sent our menswear correspondent along to speak to the relieved citizen. A Mr Colin Mullet, 47, married, three kids, one dog (old), he’s currently on long service leave.

“It’s my favourite tee. I’m really relieved not to be able to smell perspiration on it.”

It is a good t-shirt and LCD Views understands his visible relief.

“You see the genius?” Colin continued, “A chicken and an egg in a photo finish? It cracks me up. Who came first? We’ll never know!”

Colin’s wife, Katherine, was present when we visited.

“I married a genius,” she declared, deadpan, “he actually designed that t-shirt and had it printed himself.”

“You drew it,” Colin interjected.

“That makes me talented too then I suppose. Although I wished you’d had it printed on more expensive material. Something that breathes.”

The doorbell rang at that point and Mr Mullet left the room to answer the door.

“More tea vicar?” Katherine considerately asked our correspondent.

“I am not religious.”

“Do you want more tea or not? Coffee?” Katherine persisted.

“Coffee, but only if it’s real and not some powdered nonsense.”

“You and Colin will get on fine. He insists on making real coffee with a real expresso maker over the gas, won’t drink any other sort, but has the hygiene levels of a thirteen year old.”

“So you don’t approve of the sniff test? Surely it keeps the laundry lighter? My own t-shirt is on day five.”

“Do you think I don’t know that? You had nachos last night. There’s a friggin’ chip stuck to the bottom of the shirt!”

Colin returned at that point, a package clearly concealed under his shirt. We used the moment to discretely pick the shard of corn chip off the t-shirt, although the red smear of salsa remained and maybe a bit of cheese?

“Who was it?” Mullet asked Mullet.

“Nothing. No one. Don’t worry about it,” Colin continued through the room and on.

“What do you think is in the box he’s got shoved up his smelly old tee?” Katherine asked.

“An incubator, some eggs and tape?”

“Oh my god. Do you think so? Wait. How do you know?”

“We’ve decided to help Colin answer the eternal question. It will make a great follow up article.”

“You’re a prat,” Katherine asserted, but with a smile, “The eggs have clearly come first this time.”


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