Patel slams Dorries’ Hartlepool job maths – “We actually created 300,34,900,74,000 jobs”

GET IT RIGHT NADINE : Open mathematical warfare in the Tory Party ahead of Thursday’s polls with none other than the Home Secretary taking aim at Tory MP Nadine Dorries’ claims over job creation in Hartlepool.

The MP for Mid Bedfordshire made a meal of it over the weekend by claiming that the governing Tories had created 180,000 jobs in Hartlepool, in spite of the region only having a population of 4 people.

“It’s just not true that we created 180,000 jobs in Harlepool,” Ms Patel sub-tweeted Dorries. “I expect our MPs to lie big when they take to Twitter. We created jobs on the scale of donor profits from PPE contracts.”

How many jobs the Tory policies have cost both Hartlepool and Harlepool has not been studied because that’s not the way we do things in Brexitannia.

Regardless of the public spat between the MPs the Tories are anticipated to take the Westminster seat with polls suggesting the entire region is still suffering from the lobotomy performed on much of the UK in 2016.

“We are just as fortunate that Labour don’t talk about Brexit ever as we are about creating jobs. Also how the right wing comes together while the progressive parties hold purity tests on one another. We’re going to gobble up the patriotic vote and rule forever. So long as Starmer never mentions the truth about Brexit daily.”

Exactly how many jobs Ms Patel claims to have created is of interest too, as she appears to believe it is the same as Covid tests administered in the area.

“Three hundred thousand and thirty four, nine hundred and seventy four thousand,” Ms Patel confirms, “that’s because the jobs we’ve created are so poorly paid all four constituents need dozens and scores of jobs each to make ends meet.”

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