Priti Patel’s beauty expenses vital to conceal her true appearance

The revelation of expenses claims by Priti Patel have caused quite a stir since they were released this week. They include over £100,000 on services provided by Global Beauty Products and their subsidiaries. People have been asking not only why beauty treatments should be considered valid expense claims for the taxpayer to cover, but also why anybody needs to spend that much money on them. It turns out there is a reason that answers both questions at once.

Our glorious leader Boris Johnson made a statement on the matter last night.

“Of course she needs that much on beauty products. It’s a vital expense claim because it covers up her true appearance, which is part vampire, part demon from hell. Golly gosh yes, I even accidentally tented my undergarments the one time I caught her without her disguise – er, makeup – on.”

This confirmed some long-held suspicions, and indeed Mr Johnson went on to elaborate:

“Some of her slaves – er, wait, I mean staff, er, hang on no I don’t – were rendered incapable of doing any work at all when they saw her in her natural state. So her beauty expenses are vital to ensure that home office slaves – er, staff – can do their jobs properly. Not to mention the fact that when she’s done up like that it really turns her into absolute top totty. Phwooooaar!”

This was a revealing remark by our leader, as it shows that even when dealing with the spawn of Satan, his brain is firmly in his y-fronts.

But if Priti Patel’s true appearance is not of this earth, it begged the question of why she picked this particular form for her disguise, given the racism and sexism of the current government.

“Well that’s exactly it,” Johnson answered. “By appearing to the world as a woman of colour, Priti can announce any policy she likes, no matter how vile it is, and if you dare to question it, you’re the racist sexist bigots because she’s a woman of colour. It’s a masterstroke! And speaking of which, all this talk about her is making me feel in need of, er, well, not to beat about the bush, a bit of wiff waff myself if you catch my drift…”

At this point the interview ended and he went inside, after which we could all distinctly hear the sound of something creaking.

So it’s not so much The Devil Wears Prada as The Devil Wears Global Beauty Products, with full prime ministerial endorsement. In more ways than one.

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