Steve Bannon to get four walls for free

ALL THAT SLITHERS AND CRAWLS ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH : Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage’s chum Steve Bannon has had his collar felt.

It appears international patriot and 1930’s tribute act, Bannon, has been arrested for fraud and money laundering. Which is a complete shock. Like, are you sitting down? Bannon is potentially a wrong-un? Race baiting, white supremacist Steve Bannon? Who has the smelling salts?!

“No one saw this coming,” agreed LCD View’s collars correspondent, “Mr Bannon, he’s basically some sort of superman, well, a hero to KKK, fascists, mafia types and anyone who seems to have had their soul stewed on high with a box of moral maggots for decades. Oh and he’s appears to be some sort of go between between certain political and business figures in the US and UK. But I’m sure nothing will come of it.”

But there is some good news following Mr Bannon’s arrest.

“He appears to have been arrested in connection to a racist wall crowdfunding project wherein racists donated money to build a wall. He’s accused of stealing money from that. If convicted he could become as famous as Al Capone. Even if he got down for tax evasion. Still, it’s all about money for these people. He’d like to go down in history. It’ll make him happy. As he sits there. For years. In prison. Rotting inside to out.”

But what now for the wall? Who will build it with one of its architects in prison.

“No one. It was always a grift. But there is good news for Mr Bannon.”

What’s that?

“He wanted other people to pay for one wall and now he looks like getting four walls all to himself for free.”

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