Streaming service only showing Brits punching themselves in the face goes GLOBAL

MUTANT ALGORITHM : BREXFLIX – the streaming service which only shows Brits punching themselves in the face, has gone GLOBAL.

The latest development in the runaway, you could say viral, success story aims to build on the great achievements already nailed down with the domestic audience.

“Thanks to the nature of the digital universe expats and foreign viewers have been enjoying the hilarity of Brexflix for years,” an exec at the ambitious start up told LCD Views, “and now with the expansion pack they don’t need to wait for links on social media, they can get Brexflix streamed right into their home!”

The funding for the expansion of the eye streaming service is mostly from British state aid.

“But let’s not forget our international investors! If you want to destroy the Western alliances and cripple the EU’s single market for the benefit of US vulture capitalism you need a Global alliance of the willing! Brexflix – International Law Edition shows we have investor strength in depth.”

Initially the global launch will show domestic UK production, just like the good old days.

“Now people around the world can watch British lawmakers punching themselves in the face, in real time, in parliament as they rapidly move to make themselves completely obsolete as more and more power is vested in a crazed executive. And they’re so blinded by their own tears they don’t even see themselves doing it. But you can! Every hard knuckle hitting the bridge of the nose of the mother of parliaments.”

But once the international expansion is bedded in special editions like “What’s international law got to do with it?” will allow foreign fans to get directly involved.

“The USA looks like the best prime market for internationally generated content,” the exec reveals, “imagine endless streaming of anti-mask parades by MAGA hat wearing, gun totting lunatics as the forests burn around them and the seas rise? It think it’s fair to say that Brexflix may eventually run out of content, but if Donald Trump wins again MAGAflix will see us content rich until the end of (human) time in three or four years time.”

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