The PM is too handsome to be faithful

It is typical of the double standards of the snowflake commentariat that it celebrates the infidelities of rock stars, actors and musicians but casts a furrowed and intrusive eye over the same behaviour when it comes to elected representatives.

I do not recall the Nolan Principles of Public Life giving guidance on personal matters, such as infidelity.

It is all very well to applaud when a teenage heart throb such as Errol Flynn, Handel or Mick Jagger is caught playing away, but when it is a serving MP suddenly it is a very different matter for the infantry of Antifa?

Indeed it is not for the governed to pry between the sheets of those who govern. It would be most unwise. Memories are recalled in pictures and you might happen upon the activities of some of the hairy communists. Those would be memories that not even the hot blade of psychoanalysis could excise.

So why then are all the libtard, anarcho-communists so upset over the activities of the Prime Minister? I’ve answered my own question, haven’t I? It’s double standards. Triple standards. Quadruple standards of high hypocrisy by the low born.

This brings to mind the famous sayings of the Ancient Greek moral writer, Shagadeus Prolifius, who wrote in 456 BC, “A man possessed of a lion’s virility would be disrespecting the Gods who sculpted him if he did not shag every bit of hot blonde totty who crossed his path.”

I say have at it Prime Minister! I know you stand hours gazing into the mirror of self-reflection. It is by God’s design that you sow your wild oats in every field you walk over. It is essentially a religious function to cast aside the concerns of petty mortals who fret and panic at the ballot box. Pah!

After all, it’s not as if having a PM who can’t keep it in his pants, and may potentially be misusing public money in his affairs, it’s not as if that is possibly a national security risk.

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