The War On Woke will never be won – which is why we must keep on fighting

Almost every day we hear of atrocities committed by The Left in the name of Woke. There is, it seems, a never-ending stream of new genders and pronouns, which we must instantly absorb and respect. There is a bottomless well of hand-wringing over everyday words, in case somebody could possibly take offence. There is a plethora of limitations on what we may say or believe. It is the duty of every right-thinking Englishman to push back against such poisonous flim-flam.

How seriously should we take this Wokery? Many would contend that it is so laughably pathetic that it should just be ignored. But this country has standards, and the world looks to England to take the lead in such matters. 

In England, we do not pander to the weak-minded. We lay down the law. That is called strong rule, and if you don’t like it, you are free to leave. There is a rhythm to life in England, and rules must be delivered from the top down. Getting above one’s station merely upsets the apple cart, and this is the aim of the Woke Brigade. They want to put the cat among the pigeons just to watch their betters have their feathers ruffled.

We must not allow the Little Man to become too big for his boots. Wokery aims to disrupt the English way of life, forgetting that it is precisely because of the English way of life that Britain became Great. We did not gain an Empire and win two World Wars by considering the correct form of address for a man who thinks he is a woman. In the old days we had a word for this sort of person: a nancy boy.

We can never win the War On Woke, but we must keep on fighting the good fight. Otherwise in no time we will all be forced to be non-binary non-gendered rainbow-coloured nobodies.

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