Theresa May wins award from environmental pressure group for reduced power use

The Prime Minister was said to be ecstatic today after receiving a letter informing her she has won an award from an environmental pressure group actively working to help her decrease her consumption of power.

‘Give a little Gove’, long known for its deep concern to all issues relating to power, and the environment, made the decision to award Ms May the gong after consultation with like minded activist, Mr. Johnson.

“We don’t always see eye to eye,” M. Gove, chairman of the group is believed to have written to Ms May, “but when it comes to your steadfast commitment to consuming less of the nation’s power day by day, we applaud you.”

The joint decision to write and inform the prime minister is also a heartening return to unity for the power crazed political savages, wait, the deeply concerned environmentalists committed to bringing in a new regime of power use all through government.

“If she continues on the current trajectory,” Mr Gove praised, “she’ll be an example for all of Europe of what a commitment to reducing your own power consumption through 180 degree ideological about faces can do for political legacies.”

But the award is not without controversy.

Various other environmental pressure groups believe writing a physical letter to the prime minister is a wanton squandering of resources and can only serve to increase the output of carbon dioxide from within and about Downing Street.

“They should just get the press to make the announcement,” D. Green chided, “like they did with my award for novel uses of government technology.”

LCD Views approves of the award and would encourage others to applaud alongside.

Some of her policies have left us a little incandescent, but her commitment to the current path, which includes a personal deadline for success, can only ultimately be to everyone’s benefit.

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