Tory MPs slam EU for not including U.K. in EU’s Brexit hardship fund

IT’S WHAT SOMEONE VOTED FOR : A POWERFUL GROUP OF CONSERVATIVE MPS have hit out at the unelected technocrats in Brussels today over what they’ve labelled “a doctrine too wedded to reality to be realistic”.

The cause of the angst appears to be the EU’s stubborn refusal to include non-member state U.K. in its hardship fun.

“While most notably Ireland, the Netherlands, Holland, the Dutch and Germany will all be sitting pretty, the U.K. has been abandoned,” a representative of the group told LCD Views.

And it seems they’re not wrong. An exhaustive examination of the list of recipients can’t find the U.K. on it anywhere. Presumably an oversight? Or a deliberate policy to exclude the U.K.?

“The slush fund is a result of Brexit,” the Tory goes on, “We caused Brexit. It’s only fair we benefit from the fund. If they don’t back down and see nonsense we will do some research about it.”

And the group have good cause to be concerned by the recalcitrance of the EU, as Brexit is already causing hardship in various regions and industries of the U.K.

“Have you seen what’s happening to fishing? Leaving the single market and customs union is devastating it. The EU needs to step up if it’s serious about alleviating the harm caused by Brexit across the United Kingdom. If it doesn’t we will begin pushing to physically drag the U.K. out of continental Europe and into the middle of the Atlantic. Here we will forge a new kingdom with the outgoing President of the USA.”

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