Trump proves his genius by establishing legal defence of ‘non compos mentis’ well before any arrest and trial

NON COMPOS POTUS : MANY have taken pot shots at Donald Trump since he was ‘elected’ POTUS, all on his own with no help from anyone else at all. But lately others are starting to re-evaluate how fair the criticisms are?

“Apart from the racism and the kids in cages Trump hasn’t put a foot wrong,” our legal eagle notes, “except for when faced with a ramp with a mild incline. Oh, and pandemic response, he doesn’t seem exactly a natural at that. But otherwise, he’s nailed it all. When you see him drinking water with TWO HANDS or one, you see leadership. Well, not so much leadership in the area of international diplomacy or climate change. Still, when you look at the rest of what he’s achieved in office you could well conclude Abraham Lincoln should be blasted off Mount Rushmore and Trump put up in his place.”

And while the list of what Trump made great in just four years is lengthy, especially in the field of red hat sales*, there’s one area where his genius is currently shining brighter than ever.

“Legally he’s a mastermind,” our analyst continues, “daily he plugs away at building his defence before any arrest and trial. It’s impossible to see him give a speech these days and not conclude that he is completely off his rocker. If you’re feeling sympathetic, you’ll plug for dementia. If you’re not, you’ll go for the pressures of the grift have finally driven him bonkers.”

Non compos mentis – Trump can claim it and who could gainsay it? Just look at his speeches, your honour.

*Made in China and not Russia, which is a surprise.

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