Trump would have “taking out” armed white militia if they’d kneeled in government building protest

THE 1930’S IS SO 2010’S AND 20’S : PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and all round draft dodger, Donald Trump, has taken to Twitter to add a note of caution to the heavily armed protests occurring in America’s state legislatures.

“I just want everyone to know I know a lot about protesting limits to my personal freedoms to help people I don’t know,” the President began tweeting, shortly after 6am, “I know more about it than almost anyone. Ask anyone. I’ve been pro testing most of my life. Some say my whole life has been a test. And I’ve passed it folks. Flying colours. They tell me my colours are flying. I don’t know if they use an airline or a helicopter. I’m going to look into it.”

And with the intro over he got down to the meat(head) of the message.

“There’s nothing brown shirted about ordinary, patriotic, white American men invading state legislatures. It’s not at all like the early years of fascism in Germania. They have a right to take semi-automatic, military grade weapons into places where decisions are being made that decide if unarmed people live or die from the foreign flu. There’s nothing more American.”

But in spite of his relaxed attitude to the intimidation of law and order, he did have a note of warning.

“Just so long as no one kneels! If they start nealing it’s a threat! It’s basically terrorism. Threatening to take people’s knees is nasty. Knee caps are to be worn on your head. Or in your knees.”

In response the locally formed, rag tag, thick as pigshit militias said it’s okay, they were “only being sarcastic.”

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