U.K. supermarkets replace fresh food with sovereignty

HOMEGROWN TASTE OF CONTROL : There is no need to panic when seeing empty supermarket shelves as there is an ample supply of homegrown sovereignty.

That is the message being put out today from Downing Street as reports of bare supermarket shelves begin to pile up across social media.

All major supermarket chains will begin filling the empty spaces in their shops with British sovereignty, with or without Union Jacks on the packaging, you’ll be able to tell it’s sovereignty once you open your mouth.

It also means that the days of bargains in supermarkets will continue with retailers being urged to offer two for one and multi-pack deals on the filling taste of having took back control from Brussels. Yeah.

There maybe some minor price hikes necessary to ensure the sovereignty is fresh, but it will be worth it once you tastebuds connect with the unique flavour only available in post transition Brexit U.K.

“We would request that households do not stockpile the sovereignty,” a Downing Street aide requests of the general public, “as we need to ensure everyone has access to it in the event of another toilet paper shortage.”

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