Vince Cable unnerved by rumour Corbyn will morph into Gandalf and fight Brexit

LCD Views has a deep level spy planted in a coffee shop only half a mile from Libdem HQ and it reports back today that Vince is unnerved over rumours in the Gruniad this week that Corbyn is intending to go Gandalf on Brexit.

“It’s hardly fair, Vince has been a white wizard about Brexit since before the referendum, and now this 7/10 chap expects to put on a grey smock, grab the first big stick he finds in his garden and steal Vince’s thunder!”

We can see why Vince is perturbed.

Although this article is entirely speculative and our chief political analyst actually anticipates the solid Liberal Democrats would go, well, it’s about bloody time! And just satisfy themselves with some gentle reminders they never shifted from pro-EU to some waffle like ‘workers’ Brexit’ in the first place.

“It’s easier for us of course as no one outside of London votes for us, but still, we have been on that damn narrow stone pass the whole time.”

It’s uncertain still if Corbyn is going to go noble wizard and defend every weaker soul in the kingdom against the ravaging giant demon of Brexit, or if Polly just had a brain explosion (understandably) after watching the last PMQ’s?

“He’ll make a fine Gandalf,” Peter Jackson is reported to have chimed in from New Zealand,

“I’ll even cast him as Gandalf in the next Star Wars prequel if he actually pivots against the demon from the black depths that is currently devouring the soul of the United Kingdom and threatening to send Britain tumbling into the abyss.”

Neither Cable nor Corbs were available for comment, but it is nice to find a way to tie their names together in a bit of speculation.

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