“When do we start panic buying sovereignty?” tops Google search results in UK today

CAN YOU EAT IT : BRITONS ARE NO SLOUCHES when it comes to keeping themselves informed, as recent voting patterns and election results (criminal interference notwithstanding) have shown.

And today in this green and pleasant, if somewhat flooded land, is no different as analysis of Google search patterns demonstrates.

“People are searching for information about sovereignty,” head nerd at the world famous Institute of British Questions told LCD Views, “not specifically how it functions, how it is gained, harnessed, used, augmented or defended in a globalised world of increasing interconnections, lorded over by tax exile billionaires. Not any of that. Nor how the social media disinformation campaigns, twinned with electoral interference have been used to criminally skew important ballots. Not that either. But something just as important.”

Which is?

“When to start panic buying sovereignty,” the boffin boffinates, “clearly it will be after the panic buying of toilet paper, hand sanitiser and fried chicken. But it won’t be long after.”

This just demonstrates the pragmatic approach of the electorate faced with the task of navigating a difficult terrain potholed with fake news, boosted by sock puppets and bots.


So when do we need to start panic buying sovereignty?

“Soon,” the scientist nods, “about the time that we realise that other countries have sovereignty too and that pulling the UK out of all those long established supra-national organisations, formed to make administration of shared, cross border interests more efficient and equitable, is going to lead to other countries saying F U. And which point we will need to return to sacrifice small amounts of our sovereignty in order to just function and survive. That’s when the panic buying begins, at least so far as the politicians are concerned. It’s hoped everyone else will be watching Love Island.”

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