Britons jealous Americans were able to shut down their government, even for just a few days

New research by polling giants. I C U Polling Giant, reveals that the majority of Britons are reportedly jealous that Americans were able to shut down their government.

“It’s like a dream,” head of Polling, Dr D Throat, told LCD Views,

“even though it was only for a couple of days. It shows the gulf in quality between Theresa May and Donald Trump.”

Although a temporary agreement appears to have been reached to restart government in the USA, it’s still had an impact on Britons.

“There was concern, amongst respondents to our survey, for the public employees who may have missed out on some earnings, but for most of our respondents it sounded like a mental health holiday.”

10 Downing Street is reportedly studying the findings, and how the shut down was achieved in the United States, to see about the feasibility of replicating it on this side of the pond.

“Although, to be fair, both the ruling Conservative Party, and the occasionally noisy, but largely irrelevant, official opposition at Westminster, could be said to be well on course to achieving the same outcome in major policy areas in the U.K.”

It’s felt they’re moving too slowly though.

“And they’re working together on the big one, on Brexit, so it’s hard to see how soon reality and fantasy can combine at Westminster, without the necessary pushback at the weakest points of the executive’s actions.”

Still, it has given hope to exhausted voters that there is perhaps a way to stop Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Theresa May and a host of other politicians making things worse for just a few days.

“Apparently Britons would even be prepared to pay them not to work,” Dr Throat added,

“a bit like paying a blackmailer to not hurt you anymore.”

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