Government to spend £100m attempting to brainwash the British public

FAILURE TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO BREXIT : The all knowing UK government has announced it is to gratuitously waste £100m of British taxpayers money on No Deal misinformation leaflets.

“Rationing is kool kids!” a clearly baffled, blinking, maybe I’m dreaming, Mr Doom Rabbit (MP) told LCD Views, “it was swinging in the 40’s and 50’s and it’s hip daddio again today.”

But although a noble attempt to convince people that what they know they don’t know and they should just let it all wash out of their brains, it maybe a hard sell in the era of online retail.

“That’s easy,” Doom Rabbit shrugged, “no one will be able to afford to shop online, or on the high street, once we successfully crash out without a deal. The leaflets will help by teaching people how to succeed in a barter based economy. Also by encouraging you to take your kids out of school and put them to work.”

And there’s further consideration given to the hardships to come.

“If the inheritance millionaire, hedge fund loving, currency speculating, feudalist lunatics that are bringing you Brexit (ably assisted by an official opposition that thinks the Tories will break the eggs, but we’ll make the omelette!) are successful, some day to day items maybe in short supply,” Doom Rabbit added, “but we’ve thought of that. The leaflets will be edible. Don’t use them as a substitute for the vanished toilet paper supply. Not when you can make them into soup!”

Believe in Brexit and let’s make a success of it. It being queueing for food while  a cherished family member hopes that airlifted insulin arrives on time.

Global Britain. What the fcuk happened to it?

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