To shaft or to shaft? £100m taxpayer funded billboards carry the Brexit decision tree to the nation

BREXIT IS A TAXPAYER CASH BONFIRE : Man! We’re so excited. The fruits are falling again from the magic money tree as UKGov launch their Brexit billboards.

“£100m of taxpayer money could buy a lot of nurses. It could even feed some hungry kids stupid enough to be born poor. Or it can fill the town squares of Blighty with propaganda. What would you choose to spend the cash on?” our politics analyst asks.

What indeed? After a decade of austerity in which the inheritance millionaires and hard right wannabes have ground down the most vulnerable in a pretence of sounds economic management, but in reality to pay for the errors of bankers in the early 2000’s, it’s good to see the government turning the tap back on.

“It’ll loosen the belts of companies that own billboards,” our analyst continues, “which isn’t half bad. Imagine having public money flowing in just for slapping up some poorly conceived bit of brainwashing?”

But not everyone has welcomed the initiative. Some have even gone so far as to say the money should be spent repairing some of the voluntary harm the government has caused to millions of people for years now.

“Those people are just jealous because they don’t work for Michael Gove,” our analyst muses, “so they can’t just pour untold riches down the drain. Jealousy is a choice you know. People need to work to be better.”

The campaign will run up until Brexit day. So in other words, it will never end.

“It’s good to see old Kilroy get up on the boards. He kinda vanished off the map after leaving TV to front UKIP. But that was back in the forgotten days when fronting a xenophobic politics party was viewed as a bad thing. We don’t live like that anymore.”

But what have those stalwarts of sound fiscal policy, the TPA, had to say about such an egregious waste of taxpayers money?

“Oh, they’ll be fine with this we expect. This is money spent the right way. Spent on hard right ideology.”

To shaft or to shaft? The Brexit decision tree is now up in lights for all to see.

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