UN recognises UK as a Propagandocracy – just daily propaganda, no actual government

DON’T BLAME IT ON THE SUNSHINE, DON’T BLAME IT ON THE MOONLIGHT : Celebrations are being planned for the length and breadth of The Mall today after the UN trademarked the UK’s new system of government.

Speaking from the headquarters in New York, special rapporteur for troubled countries, Mr Wot LeFuk, told reporters of the change in status.

“It’s clear since Brexit became official government policy that the dis-uniting, United Kingdom has been on a trajectory away from democracy,” he said, “think of it as if our Sun was democracy and the Earth was the UK. Yeah, you’re now somewhere out back of Pluto sunshine, and moving away steadily.”

A full definition of Propagandocracy is included below :

Propagandocracy was of course trialled last century, most especially in the late 1920’s, through the 1930’s and into the early 1940’s.

“It was tested to destruction the first time around,” the UN official said with a shrug, “but certain countries appear to think that a mass daily spend on social media by the government, in place of actually running a country in the interests of the citizenry, will see it successfully implemented this time around.”

LCD Views would like to thank the United Nations for recognising the efforts taken by the current government in England to make a go of a new way of living. We trust that before too long being a Propagandocracy will be reversed and we can regain our former international reputation.

“It won’t happen quickly,” the UN man added, “the regaining of reputation. I’d suggest you start today. Before you are just Donald Trump’s bargain basement pound shop.”

Poundshopocracy? Let’s not go there too.

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