REVOKE ARTICLE 50 policy undemocratic say MPs defending mandate from a dodgy opinion poll that was heavily corrupted

TO BE DEMOCRATIC OR TO BREXIT : A British political party has set the cat among the Brexgions over the weekend when members attending a party conference voted overwhelmingly to adopt Revoking Article 50 as party policy.

“It’s nuts,” a random Tory MP decried, “you can’t just STOP BREXIT, if you win a mandate in a general election, that would be undemocratic. Clearly. Democracy begins and ends with the corrupted, advisory vote held years ago. Everyone knows what. Wheelbarrows of dodgy overseas cash achieved it. What about all the data crime people had to get away with? And what about the benefits? I’m planning to live well beyond one hundred to enjoy the benefits! I want to stand proudly in the immigration queue at Calais brandishing my blue passport!”

And the policy does run contrary to the way democracy is currently conducted in the United Kingdom. This by ignoring all evidence that the policy determining all other policies is batshit crazy, and will only benefit the extremes of politics and tax dodgers.

“What will happen to the shrines planned to Brexit?” a Labour MP no one had previously heard of demanded, “I’ve already got my offerings planned. I was going to lay the rest of the automotive industry at its feet and burn it. The guy I run into now and then at the Spoons was planning to laugh himself stupid as the financial services sector relocated to the US and EU27. What will he do with his stockpile of schadenfreude now? It’ll go out of date and there won’t be much of a pharmaceutical industry left to replace it. What about his plans to pay more income tax to make up for the sacrificing of the golden goose before another goose had been bred?”

Good questions indeed.

A No Deal Brexit would mean the intentional severing of over 700 international agreements at the stroke of a clock and leave a confused populace struggling to make sense of what happened to day to day life, while a chaotic clown car premiership makes social media videos saying how wonderful everything is. All “mandated” by a crime scene opinion poll held years back. One the previous PM’s QC agreed in court would have been quashed had it been binding.

What could be more democratic?!

It’s a good question. Just make the chaos stop? Hold public inquiries into how we got into such a perilous shambles? Tell the Brexiters to bugger off and come back with an actual detailed plan if they want to try again? So that will never happen…

“Stopping Brexit would divide the country,” a voting fodder MP weighed in, largely because they haven’t looked outside at the state of the country for years now.

How would you reunite the UK? You could start by holding public inquiries into the crimes conducted for Brexit.

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