BBC blunder after photo of Nigel Farage mistaken for a fisherman’s friend

SLIPPERY WHEN WET : The BBC is making so many blunders nowadays, with identification of well known public figures, it’s getting difficult to know what’s a genuine error and what’s a result of allowing Tory Party plants to riddle the editorial chain.

And fresh on the heels of their inability to locate an actual photo of various Labour Party MPs, they’ve now gone and screwed up with a story about another famous British politician (of refugee Huguenot stock, well known for attempting to get a German passport after Brexit).

“It’s an easy mistake to make,” an advocate of the publicly funded broadcaster excused, “they ran a story about the UK’s fishing industry and how it maybe negatively impacted by the country’s desire to become a fading outpost of kleptomaniac corruption, ie Brexit. Of course they thought of Nigel and his tireless efforts to use the everyday struggles (of an industry mismanaged in Westminster) as a centrepiece, as advocate of the fishing communities.”

But in doing so it seems someone in the editorial chain simply googled up “famous British fishing advocate”, found a meme about Nigel Farage and used it.

“The problem is that the image is a play on the famous Fisherman Friend’s lozenges. But only they’ve utilised clever word play and substituted fraud for friend. It’s fair to say the career politician, elite wannabe, Brussel’s gravy train riding Farage was not best pleased.”

By the insult?

“No by the accuracy. The BBC is never knowingly accurate when it comes to Nigel Farage.”

A fulsome apology is expected from the BBC hierarchy.

  • We’ve all seen the meme used in the image. No idea who to credit, as is common with monster memes, but found it here -

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