Blonde man hearing about cabinet reshuffle for the first time

PMINO : A details light, ethically shabby, middle aged blonde man, described by some as a senior British politician, is said to be bemused after learning about yesterday’s cabinet reshuffle, for the first time.

“He took yesterday off,” an aide to the man told LCD Views, “he figured he deserved a long weekend, after all the hours he’s been putting into YouTube videos.”

And it was while he was relaxing that the reshuffle occurred.

“Apparently some unelected guy who hangs about the workplace decided to completely overhaul the British government,” the aide continues, “That’s cool. Who cares? It’s not that important who is technically head of departments anyway. The blonde man makes all the decisions, the others are just there for photographs. Well, at least the blonde man thinks that. He makes the decisions after the unelected guy convinces him they’re his decisions,

“I think the unelected guy, he dresses like a 90’s boy band member, I think he’s actually running the government. Not that it matters anyway. He tried to set up an airline in Russia once. That failed. But he’s doing great at government. He managed to replace the Chancellor, a moral void, he replaced him with an even younger void. That’s some governing right there.”

But what if the blonde man doesn’t like the changes?

“Ha! And? Wow. What’s it matter? He’s got Brexit done now, apparently, he’s kinda surplus to requirements. He’s just there now for appearances. The real decisions are made by the unelected guy, and sometimes, the blonde guy’s girlfriend. Democracy lost, get over it.”

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