UK post-Brexit blue passports made in foreign country just like Brexit

GOING GLOBAL : Great news for potatriots today with the announcement from Brexit Industries, aka 10 Downing Street, that the new British blue Brexit passports will be issued from March this year.

“These blue passports are all about taking back control,” a Downing Street source said, “they allow Britons to no longer freely travel in over thirty countries without visas, regaining our control of queueing on continental Europe. Except, sadly, for me because I’m rich enough to have bought a second citizenship. Suckers! Stay home and pick that fruit, I’ll be in Nice. Ha!”

The new passports have the additional superpowers of loss of reciprocal health care across Europe.

“This means you can now take back control of purchasing travel insurance. Win! Especially for Brexit backers with financial interests in insurance. It’ll help get Britons ready for the loss of the NHS.”

They also take back control of looking for work locally.

“A passport to fruit picking, if you will.”

Surely there’s no better way to celebrate regaining our sovereignty and control of our borders by outsourcing the passports to a French company manufacturing them in Poland.

“Yes. It’s fitting. Just like Brexit, the passports have been manufactured by foreign interests. How very Brexit indeed.”

Take back control of your ability to enrich corporate interests at the expense of patriotic British citizens.

“That’s Brexit Industries modus operandi.”

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